Meet the Promoters – About

Meet the Promoters – About


Meet the Promoters…Connecting Patrons and Organizers

Have you ever attended an event, loved everything about it and wondered who is responsible for “the time of my life” you just experienced? Often times we attend these wonderful soirees and gatherings without any clue that the mastermind behind the glitz and glam is someone who plans events we have been attending for years.

We here at Events Calendar & Blog are closing the gap between patron and promoter by introducing you to the people who work tirelessly to make your moments at their events matter.

You hear the term “promoter” but do you really know what it means? Sometimes they are the face of an operation or gathering. Other times, they fade into the background making sure things are in tiptop shape. From advertising the event or show and organizing it, to booking acts, securing venues and ensuring a smooth ride from start to finish, promoters are an important piece to the entertainment puzzle. With that, is excited to launch a blog initiative that brings you just a little bit closer to the individuals who “make it happen.” You know, the movers and shakers in the world of local entertainment.

Meet the Promoters is a new section on purposed to familiarize attendees and visitors with some of the most seasoned promoters in town. In this section, you will be able to see past events each promoter has done as well as learn a little more about who they are. Meet the Promoters will also let you know what some of your favorites have in store for you next.

You can keep up with the promoters too, by subscribing to the e-blast list and by checking out the calendar of events.

Putting a real face to each splendid event, Meet the Promoters is an excellent opportunity to be more involved in the exciting things has to offer.