Play trivia and meet new people at Iron Triangle!

February 21 - December 12

¡Latin Food Fest! Celebrates its 6th Annual Culinary Classic

Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA United States
March 23 - March 24

Debbie Allen’s DADA On Pointe

Debbie Allen Dance Academy
3791 Santa Rosalia Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90008 United States
March 24 - March 27

Stellar Awards Showcase

The Orleans Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas
4500 W Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89103 United States
11:00 am
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06 April 2018
07 April 2018
26 October 2018

2018 Masquerade at Sea

You Pack I plan
October 26 - October 29


I travel quite frequently, so alot of times I am OUT OF THE LOOP (so to speak) of what's happening around town, and having you to keep me abreast of the HOT SPOTS is really nice, and it helps me to venture out a little more. My friends are even impressed with how much I know about different events (shhhhhhh it's our secret) - Subscriber
Travel Subscriber
A girlfriend of mine hooked me and some other friends onto this and now I don't have to search all over the web or papers for a wide variety of entertainment and cultural activities.  Thank you for providing such a needed service.  God Bless - Subscriber
The Loop put us in touch with the right audience to put Simply Spa Escapes on the map. The reasonable rate and high return really works for us!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Gayle for helping thousands of women to get away from the stress of everyday life. Barbara Lindsey, Founder & Former Owner Los Angeles Black Business Expo & Trade Show
Barbara Lindsey


Our newest addition on  Meet the Promoters interviews promoters from Los Angeles and across the country with their career history of past, current and future events including photos and videos.

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